Disc Jockey/Entertainer


Born and raised in the Charleston area, DJ RDOT has been entertaining crowds since 2005 from his College of Charleston dorm. From sport arenas and clubs, to private events and weddings, RDOT is ready to get your party started!

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"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

From the early days of spinning records out of his College of Charleston dorm, DJ RDOT has always been about pleasing the crowd. While offering a wide range of musical knowledge, DJ RDOT is always learning new genres and songs that are needed for his specific performances. As a Radio DJ for the local station 95SX (WSSX 95.1FM Charleston), RDOT is always on top of the top records on the current charts. From birthday parties to your special wedding day, RDOT takes pride in making sure it is the best party that you have ever been to! Book DJ RDOT for your next event.